Visa Guidance & Support

This is one of the most crucial and fearful step in the entire admission process. Students mostly lack the right knowledge about information and details related to the visa process. This is when they choose to hire the wrong and misleading agents that further land them in trouble and delays the visa application process.

We at Ahead Overseas ensure in providing the students with complete visa support and guidance which will help in speeding up the visa application process for them. We have a complete professional and well qualified team of experts that have great knowledge and experience of handling the visa application process. They even update the students about the current visa students so that the students are well informed about how close they are to their dream study abroad program.

Updated Visa Processing Information provided by Ahead Overseas includes:

  • Necessary Documents Required for Visa Interview
  • Details about Visa Application Process
  • Support & Expert Guidance for Financial Documentation Process
  • Mock Interview Session for Visa Interview Preparation
  • Helpful Tips & Suggestions to Excel at the Visa Application Interview
  • Get Complete Success by the End of the Interview

Our aim and effort at Ahead Overseas is to make the complete study abroad program for the Indian students simplified and error free. This way the students can get closer to their dream destination and achieve their academic goals with our help and support.

Mock Visa Interview Preparation:

We at Ahead Overseas have our contacts that help us in staying updated about the required information for the visa interviews. We also extend our support to the Indian students by preparing them for the mock visa interview sessions.

Our initial step in preparing the students for the mock visa interview sessions is to analyze the background of the student and based on which we suggest them to strengthen their weak areas and go strong with their positives. This way the students are well prepared way in advance for their mock visa interviews. We also provide them with a basic set of questions that maybe asked during the interview.

After this the next step is the team of skilled counsellors at Ahead Overseas conduct a mock visa interview session to further prep the students and see how they respond during the session. This also gives our team a clear idea about the negative and the positive strengths of the students and polishing them further for their real mock visa interview session.

After this customized and well guided mock visa interview session the students will now be thoroughly prepared for the real one. The primary goal of these mock visa interview sessions conducted at Ahead Overseas to enable the students achieves a complete success ratio at their real Mock Visa Interview.

Valid & Updated Information about the Available Student Bank Loans:

At Ahead Overseas we offer the students with valid and updated information about the list of Indian banks that offer student bank loans for pursuing international studies. The students can expect to obtain detailed information that includes the interest rates, bank loan procedure details and also about the basic documentation required for applying for these loans.

We at Ahead Overseas have an individual financial aid section that offers information about how to increase your chances of obtaining the student bank loans and speeding up the loan availability procedure.

Ahead Overseas is where students can expect to get their dream fulfilled and go a step closer in achieving their dream career by selecting the best study abroad program with our expert support and guidance.

Listed in here is the highly frequent or most popular 30 US visa interview Questions:

  1. Why the specified university?
  2. Which university did you apply to? (Both admits and rejects)
  3. Which university accepted you?
  4. Where have you done your Under Graduation?
  5. Who is sponsoring you?
  6. What does your father do?
  7. What is your father’s income?
  8. How many brothers and sisters do you have?
  9. Do you have any relatives in USA?
  10. What is your plan after graduation?
  11. Show your experience certificate?
  12. Why study in USA?
  13. Did you get any scholarship?
  14. Why haven’t you got any scholarship?
  15. Have you got any loans?
  16. Show your passbook/ Bank Statement?
  17. What is your under graduate GPA/ Percentage?
  18. Parents retired. Then how will they pay?
  19. Tell about your university?
  20. Mention some professor’s names?
  21. Tell me how you can prove that you are going to come back?
  22. Where did your brother/ parents complete their studies?
  23. Why are leaving your current job? (If you are working)
  24. Have you ever been to USA?
  25. What will you do after coming back?
  26. Where do your parents live?
  27. Do you know anyone (in USA) in your university?
  28. What will you do if your visa is rejected?
  29. Will you come home during summer?
  30. Why do you think the university is giving you scholarship?

  31. Other type of Questions:

  32. Why do you wish to study in the USA and not in India?
  33. If you have changed your field of specialization, then what brought about the change?
  34. What steps have you taken to ensure that you will be able to perform well in the new field you wish to change to?
  35. What do you plan to study at the university?
  36. How will you finance your education for 2 years / 3 years? (Generally you have to prove that you can fund the first year of your education but I suggest you to be prepared with the answer).
  37. Do you have a brother/sister or any other relatives already at the university?
  38. Tell me about yourself?
  39. What is your strength?
  40. What does success mean to you?
  41. Where do you plan to be in 5 years from now?
  42. Tell about your achievements?
  43. What are your strengths?
  44. What are your weaknesses?
  45. How did you prepare for this interview?
  46. Describe your dream career?
  47. What are your career goals?
  48. What are you looking in your life?
  49. What are your grades like?
  50. What was your Bachelor’s degree in?
  51. Why this university not any other university?
  52. Why do you plan to do MS/MBA?
  53. Your passbook shows that a large amount of money has recently been deposited?
  54. Why your GRE/TOEFL scores are low?
  55. Why are changing your stream?
  56. What are your plans after graduation?
  57. You look like a potential immigrant or I don’t think you will come back?
  58. What do you know about USA education?
  59. Why are applying for fall only?
  60. What do you applying for fall only?
  61. What is your Major?